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Clinical Somatic Education (CSE) at its heart is about learning muscular control and refining basic movement skills. Good movement is the foundation of all Athletic endeavors. CSE improves:

Mobility & Flexibility
CSE improves mobility almost instantly, the voluntary muscular relaxation achieved through CSE allows for instant change in muscle length and reductions in muscle tension, this leads to greater ROM and increased mobility and flexibility.

Balance & Proprioception
The process of pandiculation which we use extensively in CSE improves balance and proprioception by providing immediate improvements in muscle control. Greater muscle control leads to much improved balance and proprioception.

Injury Prevention
Many injuries occur as a result of excessive tension, sub optimal muscular control and poor movement patterns. CSE provides simple effective techniques to release and relax tight muscles which improves all the basic movement patterns,  reducing and/or avoiding the incidence of injury. Injury recovery will also be swifter when CSE is incorporated in to the athletes rehab regimen.

CSE can teach athletes how to have more complete control over all the muscles of the torso, the ribs and the diaphragm leading to improved breathing. This is advantageous for all sports.

Stress Relief
The Self Care Exercises taught in CSE are excellent for stress relief, providing a simple, effective way for athletes to wind down after intensive training or competition.

Warm Up
CSE Self Care Exercises provide an intelligent way to prepare athletes for activity without exerting a lot of energy. Thomas Hanna used to call it ‘Sensory Motor Inventory’ and this is an excellent way to look at it. The exercises allow athletes to slowly and mindfully acquire full control of all their muscles.

If you are a Coach or Athlete and would like to learn more about how CSE can improve athletic Performance get in touch here