Moving Free from Pain

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Clinical Somatic Education (CSE) is a quick and effective method for eliminating chronic Muscle Pain and restoring fluid movement throughout the body. The benefits of CSE include:

Long Term Pain Relief
A course of Clinical Somatic Education Lessons will eliminate chronic pain whilst teaching you the Self Care Exercises you need to know to  maintain a pain free body long term even as you age.

Mobility & Flexibility
CSE improves mobility almost instantly, the voluntary muscular relaxation achieved through CSE allows for instant change in muscle length and tension, this leads to pain relief, freer joints and increased mobility and flexibility.

Balance & Proprioception
The process of pandiculation which we use extensively in CSE improves balance and proprioception by providing immediate improvements in muscle control, Improved muscle control leads to much improved balance and proprioception.

Injury Prevention
As you develop better muscular control through your daily Somatics practice you will move far more gracefully and fluidly further reducing your risk of injury.

Improved Breathing
Clinical Somatics will enable you to breathe more fully by teaching you how to relax all the muscles of the torso and rib cage. Freer, fuller breathing induces relaxation and also leads to deeper more restful sleep

Stress Relief
The Self Care Exercises taught in CSE are excellent for stress relief, providing a simple and effective way to destress. They allow you to move from the Sympathetic Nervous System mode (Fight or Flight) to the Parasympathetic Nervous System mode (Rest and Repair).

A safe, gentle, common sense alternative to drugs and surgery
Clinical Somatics is a safe gentle and simple alternative to expensive drugs and/or surgery. There are also no unpleasant side effects from Somatics.

If you are suffering from chronic muscular pain and would like to learn more about how CSE can help you to move pain free,  get in touch here