Moving Free from Pain

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What conditions does Clinical Somatics help relieve?

Many conditions that cause chronic pain are thought to be structural problems, often, this is not the case. These conditions can be the symptom of functional neuromuscular problems that result in chronically tight muscles. This state, having muscles stuck in a contracted state subconsciously, is called Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA). SMA occurs as a response to stress (both physical and emotional), accidents, injuries, surgeries, improper biomechanics and repetitive actions. Chronic pain as a result of SMA can be improved or eliminated with a course of Lessons in Clinical Somatic Education.

Clinical Somatics is effective in resolving the following conditions;

> Chronic Back Pain
> Neck & Shoulder Pain
> Sciatica
> Hip Joint Pain
> Frozen Shoulder
> Tension Headaches
> Herniated Disks
> Leg Length Discrepancy
> Piriformis Syndrome
> Whiplash
> Scoliosis
> Knee & Foot Pain
> Plantarfasciitis

The issues listed above are generally the result of excessive muscle tightness and poor muscular control, when you are taught how to release and relax the affected musculature, the conditions will resolve. By committing to a daily practice of Somatics exercises and RELEARNING muscular control you can ensure that you will not reinstate the muscular tightness that led to your condition initially. Permanent pain relief through Somatics is both possible and expected.