Moving Free from Pain

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Group Somatic Movement Classes
Duration: 60-mins
Price: €12 – €15

Getting older doesn’t have to mean feeling stiff, sore and achey. A Somatic Movement practice can help you feel younger, move better and be more comfortable in your body.

During Somatic Movement Classes you can learn how to restore comfort and flexibility without stretching or forcing. You will also reduce stress, lessen anxiety and alleviate muscular aches and pains through slow natural yawn-like movements that keep muscles functioning optimally.

Other Benefits include;
More comfortable movement, Stress relief, Improved mobility & flexibility, Improved balance, Improved posture, Improved awareness, Freer Breathing, Greater physical independence

Group Somatic Movement Classes are usually run in blocks of 4-6 weeks.


1 to 1 Somatic Movement Classes
Duration: 60-mins
Price: €50 each

Private Movement Classes will leave you moving more freely, more comfortably and with less pain. During each Class you will RELEARN correct control of a particular group of muscles through simple Somatic Movements. You can then perform these movements anytime to keep yourself moving pain free.

What Happens during a 1 to 1 Movement Class?
Assessment of posture and gait (Walking Pattern). The Client then lays down on their backs on a yoga mat or similar. From here they are guided through a series of floor based Somatic movements specific to the particular needs of the client. These powerful Somatic movements release and relax the whole body or a particular area of the body whilst increasing awareness and improving mobility and range of motion. Class closes with a reassessment of comfort, posture and gait.

Group Classes follow a similar plan but exercise selection is more generalised.

1 to 1 Somatic Movement Classes are an excellent introduction to Clinical Somatic Education, Somatic Movement and its benefits.