Moving Free from Pain

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Private Hands on Clinical Lesson
Duration: 75-90mins
Lessons: €60 each

Private Hands on Clinical Lessons are the fastest way to resolve chronic pain with Somatic Education. During each Lesson you will RELEARN correct control of a particular group of muscles and movements. Having precise sensory feedback from a properly trained practitioner results in quicker and more profound improvements. During the Lesson the clients comfort is paramount, if any pain or discomfort is experienced by the client we stop and make adjustments to enable us to carry on without pain. The bodies natural response to pain is contraction, as we are trying to induce relaxation, any pain whatsoever is counterproductive in Clinical Somatic Education.

For most people I recommend a commitment of 4 to 6 Lessons. This allows adequate time to address the Three Brain Reflexes and to perform any extremity work that may be required. It also allows clients to learn and integrate all the new exercises and movements. Clinical Somatics is an educational process and learning takes time.

What Happens during a Clinical Somatic Education Lesson
After taking a detailed Client History, we begin by assessing your gait (walking pattern) and posture. Next we assess your muscle tonus (level of tension) whilst standing and also laying down on the work table. As a result of this assessment we decide which Reflex to address within that particular session. At this point, you will be guided through a series of specific movement sequences with hands on assistance from your practitioner. These movement sequences are designed to provide your Sensory Motor Cortex with new feedback which allows you to consciously and voluntarily relax muscles that have been chronically contracted. Then you will learn some simple and enjoyable Self Care Somatic Exercises that you can do at home to reinforce what you have learned during the lesson. We close the Lesson after reassessing your gait and posture for improvements.

Clinical Lessons are relaxing, enjoyable and most importantly an EDUCATIONAL experience.