Moving Free from Pain

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One to One Hands on Clinical Lesson
Duration: 90mins

During each Clinical Somatic Lesson you will RELEARN correct voluntary control of a particular group of muscles and movement patterns. In order to do this you will receive precise hands on feedback from your practitioner.

A minimum of 3 lessons spaced a week apart is recommended for all clients. This allows us to address all three brain reflexes. It also allows time for clients to learn and integrate all the new exercises and movements and cultivate their own Somatic Movement practice at home in between lessons.

What Happens during a Clinical Somatic Education Lesson
After taking a detailed Client History, we begin by assessing your gait (walking pattern), posture and resting muscle tonus. As a result of this assessment we decide which Reflex to address within that particular lesson. At this point, you will be guided through a series of specific movement sequences with gentle hands on assistance from your practitioner. These movement sequences are designed to provide your brain with new feedback which allows you to consciously and voluntarily relax muscles that have been chronically contracted thus reducing pain, improving comfort, and restoring optimal range of motion.

Once the hands on component of the lesson is completed you will be taught some simple and enjoyable Somatic Movements that you are expected to practice daily at home. These Somatic Movements serve to reinforce what you have learned during the lesson. They are the key to your continued improvement and to remaining pain free in the future. A daily practice will allow you to effectively manage your stress, tension, muscular pain, posture, balance and mobility by yourself.

We close the Lesson after reassessing your gait and posture for improvements.

Clinical Lessons are relaxing, enjoyable and most importantly an EDUCATIONAL experience.

1 Lesson: €75
2 Lessons: €140
3 Lessons: €195
4 Lessons: €250
5 Lessons: €300 Best Value