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Somatic Workshop
Duration: 3-4 hours

Workshops are a great introduction to the principles and core movements of Somatic Education. During a workshop you will learn a full sequence of Somatic Movements to release and relax your entire body. Workshops can be tailored for any audience, seniors, athletes, back pain sufferers etc.

Somatics Workshops start with a brief lecture outlining the core principles of Somatic Education; Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA), the Three Stress Reflexes and Pandiculation.

Participants then spend a few minutes walking the room, while the host asks them questions designed to bring awareness to the internal sensations perceived when they walk. Generally people do not give much attention to the way that they walk so by asking questions we can begin the process of self assessment. They will sense and notice areas that feel unbalanced, tense, tight, restricted etc. This also provides a baseline reading which participants can compare to at the end of the workshop, when they reassess their walk/gait.

Participants lay down on their backs on a yoga mat or similar, and are again asked a series of questions designed to bring their attention to the sensations felt internally. This is called a Body Scan. They are asked to notice and sense imbalances and areas of tension etc. We also spend some time assessing breathing in this position.

After assessing in this manner we begin to teach the Somatics Movements which, when performed correctly, release and relax the whole body or a particular area of the body. These powerful movements release habituated patterns of contraction whilst also increasing awareness and improving mobility and bringing a deep sense of relaxation.

Participants repeat the Body Scan sensing for changes in imbalances, areas of tension and awareness.

To finish we repeat the Walking assessment we performed at the beginning of the workshop. The reassessment allow participants to feel how the Somatics movements learnt during the workshop positively affect their walk/gait. Most participants are surprised by just how different walking can feel after a workshop.

We set aside 5­-10 mins at the end of so participants can ask any questions they may have.







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Somatic Movement Workshops are as relaxing and enjoyable as they are EDUCATIONAL.