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Somatic Education – 6 Day Immersion, Goa, India, January 2019


Join us in the wonderful setting of Magic Park in Arambol, Goa where we will explore the fundamental principles of Somatic Education and experience the restorative power of Somatic Movement.

Over the course of 6 Days you will learn how engaging the brain is the key to restoring free easy movement, deactivating our involuntary stress responses and calming the nervous system.

We will investigate how the nervous system responds automatically to stress, and how these responses can become habituated leading to a state of Sensory Motor Amnesia.

Discover how Sensory Motor Amnesia can cause chronic pain, muscle and joint stiffness, restricted breathing, impaired movement and a host of other common neuromuscular complaints.

Learn how to recognise three universal brain reflexes in yourself. How they can distort posture, how they feel, and how they can be reset quickly and easily  through safe, gentle Somatic Movements.

Discover the power of pandiculation, the potent technique that release and relaxes chronically contracted muscles safely, gently and comfortably without stretching.

Explore the neurology, anatomy and physiology involved in Sensory Motor Amnesia, the three reflexes and pandiculation.

Leave having learned the most effective and practical Somatic Movements. These are life long skills that, practiced regularly, will serve you for the rest of your life.

Through daily somatic movement classes, group discussion, class feedback and QnA sessions we will dive deep into Somatic theory, how it relates to each of us and how we can use that knowledge to move more freely, feel more at ease in ourselves and experience a calmness of mind and lightness of body reminiscent of our youth.

Course Dates:

1st Course: 2 – 7 Jan, 2019 

2nd Course: 9 – 15 Jan, 2019 

3rd Course: 16 – 21 Jan, 2019 

Each course 32.5 hours total, 5 full days, 10am – 6pm, plus 1 half day, 10am – 1pm – Cost €550 

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