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Seniors Workshops

Somatics Workshops are a great introduction to the concepts and principles of Somatic Movement and Education. In Seniors Somatics Workshops we teach the simplest, easiest and least demanding Somatic Movements and gently build up to the full Classic Somatic Movements. Seniors may not have moved in this way for quite some time so we tailor the pace and content of this workshop to allow participants to always work within their current range of motion and within their comfort. In no way does this compromise the efficacy of the movements, it merely breaks them down into their constituent parts and makes them easier to perform. In this way, all participants can begin to regain control of their muscles gently and intelligently.

During a Seniors Workshop participants will learn about;

Sensory Motor Amnesia
The phenomenon of Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) and how it contributes to chronic muscle pain, poor posture and restricted movement

The Three Reflexes
The Three Brain Reflexes that indicate the presence of SMA. How they develop, how to recognise them and how to eliminate them using…

The simple technique of Pandiculation which quickly and easily allows you to regain voluntary control of your muscles to eliminate chronic pain,  improve posture, flexibility and movement.

Somatic Self Care Exercises
During a workshop participants will be taught a series of these incredibly effective and enjoyable Self Care Exercises to release, relax and lengthen all the muscles of the body quickly and easily.

Participants will also learn why maintaining good movement is so important as we age, and strategies they can use to regain and maintain their movement so the can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle.

Somatic Movement Workshops are educational, enjoyable and relaxing. Participants will be taught the Classic Somatics Self Care Exercises in a logical sequence that results in great reductions in pain, improvements in movement and a feeling of lightness and relaxation. These exercises can then be used at any time by participants to release and relax tight muscles, improve movement and eliminate pain long term.  When you eliminate pain you will be able to enjoy your hobbies and activities all the more and perform them better. No more relying on Chiropractors, Massage Therapists or medication etc.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we top playing”

All participants will receive support material that they can refer to afterwards when practicing Somatics at home.

I also offer discounts on Private Clincial Hands On Lessons to all Workshop attendees.

If you would like to book a workshop or learn more about the work you can contact Clinical Somatics here.